Who are we?

The beginning

GoForward, Copenhagen was established in March 2017 by the two founders Klaus Jakobsen & Jacob Hesse.

A unique shipping agent

Klaus & Jacob has a combined experience of over 35 years from the container shipping industry and from these experiences the dream of creating a “unique freight forwarder” arose.

A freight forwarder who created a bridge between the customer and the shipping company and where GoForward was only part of the transport when it provided meaning and value for both the customer and the shipping company.

Next step

GoForward Logistics opened in March 2020.
The company was founded by GoForward together with Patrick Schmidt & Christopher Jessen.

A different shipping agent

Christopher and Patrick have over 30 years of experience from the industry & unlike Klaus & Jacob, their experience comes from the freight forwarding industry.

Like GoForward Copenhagen, GoForward Logistics has a burning desire to be “A Different Freight Forwarder”. A mediating freight forwarder. A partner who, with openness, honesty and transparency, can build a bridge between the shipping companies and the customer.

Lastest news

GoForward AirSea opened in May 2022. The company was founded by GoForward together with Thomas Brix & Troels Rasmussen.

Network is the key

Thomas MUST be THE person in the Danish freight forwarding business with most connections around the world. Always on the lookout for new business opportunities and always available no matter when and how.

Troels is the calm and cool guy that keeps all the pieces together and make sure that high standards are delivered, at all times. Troels has an extreme trustworthy personality for the benefit of clients and co-workers.

GoForward AirSea does all kinds of freight forwarding, but is specialized in AIR-FREIGHT, COURIER + FCL (FE import and crosstrade. LCL and ROAD is also high on the list of skills.