A mediating shipping agent

GoForward is created for one specific purpose: To offer customers a full range of competitive transportation solutions, while ensuring transparency for the customers.

Naturally, we offer the same broad spectrum of transportation options and competitive rates as you would expect from any professional forwarder. On top of that, we provide excellent, personalized customer service and open, direct contracts with the carriers that we select together.

GoForward is an innovative alternative in the shipping industry. An industry where mistrust has thrived for too long. Mistrust leads to decreased loyalty from carriers towards forwarders, thus reducing the quality for the cargo owners. At the same time, cargo owners often need to rely on forwarders, in order to be able to navigate in the shipping industry, which has been increasingly digitalized.

GoForward offers a full range of shipping solutions – characterized by transparency and reliable agreements.

How we ensure mutual trust

Trust and transparency are our key values here at GoForward. We know from experience that agreements signed directly between the cargo owners and the carriers lead to the highest degree of commitment. These agreements have the highests success rates – also during periods of time where the market is challenged.

That is why at GoForward we facilitate direct contracts between cargo owners and carriers. When it is beneficial, we team up in joint meetings (cargo owners – GoForward – carrier) ensuring solid agreements and a high level of loyalty. We see ourselves as mediating forwarders.

Prior to making agreements with potential clients, we map your need and priorities in details. We make sure that your are fully equipped to determine the critical parameters of your cargo alongside with us. Then we can decide, which option is the best one for your cargo. We have many years of experience from the industry, so we can advise you in all aspects when choosing your logistic solution.

Key Values

It requires an innovative approach to succeed as a mediating forwarder

We ensure transparency and commitment

We work openly with both cargo owners and carriers to ensure full transparency between the parties working together. This leads to both loyalty and commitment, which create a higher level of satisfaction.

We insist on creating value

We insist on creating value for all our customers. When dealing with simple shipments that do not require a forwarder, we are more than happy to assist clients with establishing a direct contact with a recommended carrier.

We believe that this is the most sustainable business model – and that this is how we work best.

We offer excellent and personal customer service

You will always recieve a personal and dedicated contact. At GoForward, we love getting challenges and even solving the most complex logistics tasks. So far, we have not been inclined to give up.